How to install a BonusThemes QuickStart package (Joomla! 2.5.x)

In every Joomla template created by BonusThemes, we provide a "Quickstart" package.

The Quickstart installation is the fastest way to get your Joomla site up and running. It contains all the extensions, the modules, the menus, the settings, and the content of the template's demo page.

In this guide we will take you step by step through the quick and easy installation of your template's Quickstart package with Joomla 2.5.

Step 1: Get the Quickstart Files

Go to your Membership Area, navigate to the template of your choice and download the Quickstart package .zip file for Joomla 2.5.

quickstart package j25x image 1
Step 2: Upload the Quickstart files to your Server through FTP

To upload the Quickstart files using an FTP client, first extract the contents of the .zip file in a folder on your computer.

quickstart package j25x image 2

Then, using the FTP client, upload the files to an empty directory on your hosting where you want to install Joomla.

quickstart package j25x image 3

Depending on your upload speed, this process will take several minutes.

Make sure that all the files upload correctly. If one or more files fail to upload, the FTP client will mark the transfer as “failed”. You must re-upload any failed files.

If you don't have an FTP Client, we suggest you use Filezilla from

Step 3: Create a new database

Log in the control panel of your hosting account, and click on the MySQL Database Wizard icon.

quickstart package j25x image 4

Create a name for your site's database.

quickstart package j25x image 5

Create a user for the database and a strong password.

quickstart package j25x image 6

Write down the database name, username and password, as you will be needing them soon. The names include the prefixes (in the example “incomebo_”)

Finally, give this new user “All Privileges”

quickstart package j25x image 7
Step 4: Begin Joomla Installation

Open a new tab on your browser and enter your website's URL. You will see the Joomla Installation Page.

quickstart package j25x image 8

For this guide, we will leave the installation in English (United States). You are free to choose whichever other installation language you desire.

Click Next on the upper right-hand corner.

quickstart package j25x image 9

Make sure the “Pre-installation check for joomla has “yes” at all the requirements.

If not, you should contact your hosting to get it shorted out before continuing with the Joomla installation.


quickstart package j25x image 10

Read the GNU General Public License and click Next to agree with it.

Step 5: Connect to the database

On this page you will need the database info we suggested you wrote down on Step 3.

Add the database user's username, the password, and the database name in the respective fields.

quickstart package j25x image 11

The table prefix is useful if you are using the same database for more than one websites. If you only have one site on this database, leave the default value.


You can skip this section

quickstart package j25x image 12

First thing to do on this section, fill in all required fields.

quickstart package j25x image 13

After, fill in your website's name, and also the email, username and password for the website's administrator account.

quickstart package j25x image 14
Step 6: Remove Installation Folder

Click the “Remove installation folder button”, an essential security measure for every Joomla Installation.

quickstart package j25x image 15

You can now click on the “Administrator” button, to enter the back end of your new Joomla Installation, or the “Site” button to check your Joomla site and theme.

quickstart package j25x image 16

Enjoy! :-)

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