New features in Virtuemart 2.6

New features in Virtuemart 2.6

With a variety of progressions over the past couple of years, many features have been added to Virtuemart, a number of them contributed by third party developers. Others were added to remove/avoid bugs, or to finish a feature.

Example of an improved feature is the automatic manner in which emails are sent via Virtuemart.

In Vm1 emails were automatically produced for all request status changes, yet Vm1 had an alternate truck workflow, so the workflow was changed to make more utilization of the request order email framework, however this bounced back with an another issue, in that the dealers felt spammed by their own particular shop. To address this issue, as a feature of the improved characteristics, a setup setting for mail has been included, so you can control which messages are utilized.

With VM2.1 version API changes needed, new bugs in VM2.0 were being discovered which resulted in shut down of VM2.1 at that stage to further settle VM2.0 improvement. However, some developers required those Vm2.1 features, which they had officially added to their clients' shopping carts and plugins, leading to backward compatible feature being brought back to VM2.0 series.

Meanwhile, the Joomla world proceeded onward to release Joomla 3.x which additionally has some API changes, therefore in that case virtuemart group needed to revise some of the Joomla functions (for instance Jtext against vmtext), which uncovered the circumstances that some of these changed functions were not in VM2.0. To enable third party developer to develop compatible extensions for VM2.0 and VM3, some general fuctions have been put in VM2.6.

  • version 2.6 is the interval between VM 2.0 and VM3 bringing new characteristics, no API changes, just perfect for Joomla 2.5
  • also to note is that the old Vm2.1 cart is synchronized with VM2.6 to produce the new Virtuemart 3 which will work with Joomla both 2.5 and 3.2.
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