1. almallah
  2. Education
  3. Thursday, 26 May 2016

I have posted my issue earlier and I was advised to visit the VM Forum. I got a lot of assistance. However, the final response from the experts is:

"you have a JS error on your product details page

TypeError: Virtuemart.stopVmLoading is not a function


this will stop the add to cart from working."

"Plenty of info on here about JS error solutions but the end story is the JS error is on YOUR site.. it isn't a VM problem"

The problem is that the Checkout on my online store is not functioning. I got all files up to date; Joomal 3.5.1 and VM 3.0.16

So, can anyone help me to get this annoying issue resolved so my online store properly functions?!

Thank you.
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