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  3. Wednesday, 20 September 2017
Hi guys this year I was able to verify your availability and professionalism in solving problems. But I have to note that almost in a year that is about to expire you did not publish any new template, but if I have to say good work. I'm desolate of this, thinking that other template producers make a template available to customers a month. I have god not pretending this but that no news in a year for the cost paid this is really sad. Bensi has praised you in several posts. I honestly do not feel at the time of renewing my subscription.
Time ago I asked if there were new publications and you said that there would be many new Doce's are there?
Thanks anyway for your work. I know we all have to survive.
Sincerely, Marian
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Hello superdiogene,
the major priority for us from the beginning has been the professional design of our templates combined with their flexibility.
This is the certain reason we think, why we have been chosen by our customers till now.
There shouldn't be a comparison between bonusthemes and the other template clubs as every club has a different way of working.
For example, there are clubs which design one template per month or other ones one per year but without supporting their products and in our opinion with poor design.
On the other hand we haven't referred anywhere in our website that we were going to publish one template per month and we want to believe that we have tried to solve any problem a customer might have.
So we don't feel that we have deceived any of our customers. Of course we understand your needs or your doubts and we are sorry about any inconvenience. Anyway, we 'd like to inform you we have new template suggestions but there isn't any announcement at the moment.
So, thank you for your choice and we hope you to choose bonusthemes again some time in the future.

Best Regards.
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Thanks Panos for your answer. My only highlight and why months ago I had asked if there would be any hiccups and you confirmed to me that we would have different news, which we have not seen before. That's all. As already mentioned in my previous post, I have merely praised your professionalism. I did not pretend to have a template per month. But one that is one at least you.
I thank you again and I will continue to follow you because your work is really OK. If I were to see the news I will be yours.
With interest
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